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The Determined Stride of Time

There is nothing slow about the grind, nor the determined passage of time. Its unrelenting march pushes you forward without discrimination. Each segment of time comes to you and leaves you with the knowing that whatever your present situation, it will soon pass, and the only part of it that remains is the fragrance that we call memories.

The passage of time is inevitable. It has no response to our reaction or cries to break its stride. It grieves us with the knowledge that our coming end cannot be stopped nor slowed. It gives us hope with the knowing that our present sorrows will soon be behind us, and our endurance will carry us to another place in time.

Stewardship is the only thing that makes sense in the consideration of time. It is our passageway to the next realm where time cannot be measured. There we will not experience the passage of time, rather the state of being.

I do believe that the greatest investment of your time is in thought.

Dr. Jerry Edmon

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