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For 50 years Dr. Jerry Edmon has committed himself to address the pressures and problems faced in everyday life, and gives insight and direction on how to attack and leap the hurdles that slow us down. He challenges his audience to act upon their beliefs, making them work for and not against them. He helps us utilize our gifts and reshape our beliefs, to stand up like the champions that we were intended to be. He strongly believes that it is our decisions, not our surroundings that shape our destiny. His passion is to see and unlock treasure in people thereby empowering them to reach their highest potential in the context of love and purpose.


Jerry Edmon has his BA in Biblical Studies, his MA in Psychology and his Doctorate in Theology. Dr. Edmon started in the ministry in 1971 and shortly after that time began his first pastorate in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


He is called to help facilitate and provide an experience in the presence of the Lord and in that exchange, there is newfound freedom and hope. In 1972, Jerry Edmon had an encounter with Jesus Christ that radically changed his life. He has seen the power of Jesus Christ and what he can do in an individual who will call upon His name.


He creates a flow that brings people together in relationship with vision and opportunity. He produces optimism that causes people to continue to reach for their dreams. Simply put, he is an encourager.


Jerry and his wife Angie has three daughters, Allison, Ashley, and Ariel. The highest priority of his time and leadership is focused within his own home and to his own family. The motto of the Edmon family is, “Wisdom and Understanding Conquers All”.



In addition to his pastoral duties at the Family Worship Center, he serves on the Board of Directors for the Independent Assemblies Fellowship of churches as well as the Deliverance Temple International Fellowship of ministers. He is also on the Advisory board for Clarion World Mission Organization. He is recognized as an ambassador and strategist in relation to Life and the Kingdom of God.   


Much of the mission’s outreach for Jerry Edmon is done through the Family Worship Center where he is the Senior Pastor. Some of the countries they are currently involved in are India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mexico, Africa, Russia, Portugal, and Spain.

His position on the Board of Directors for the Independent Assemblies Fellowship also gives a great opportunity for involvement and connection to many missionaries and their outreaches around the world. The USA, Central and South America, Philippines, India, Africa, and Russia.

His latest focus is on the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. Portugal and England hold the key to ignite and fan the flames of revival in that part of the world.


Over the years he has worked in radio, television in a show called “Jerry Edmon Presents”, Written books, blogs, and newspaper articles. But social media gives the greatest opportunity to truly impact a generation. Because of the internet, the whole world is our market. 


He believes these are the greatest days with the greatest opportunities in the history of mankind. 

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