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Why Does God Seem Obscured?

I know that it is difficult to see God for who He really is in the midst of an agonistic world where His reality seems obscured. You might ask why He would create the world in such a manner where we perceive our world as the only real reality and the Spirit world as the unreal. God did this by design. He obscured His authorship to allow us to make independent choices. Without the ability to make an independent choice, we would be nothing more than a mechanical doll or a puppet. Think about it. If we actually saw God in His reality, there would be no debate, choice, or faith. So, we see that God created this lower world which is obscured from His full reality and we see ourselves as the only reality or worse, the architect.

This gives us the power to decide, and the power to decide gives the ability to fellowship with God on the level that He desires. That could only be achieved in this lower, darkened world where His reality seems unreal and He is obscured. This is a flat, one dimensional, darkened, almost plastic world where we carry out our independent existence. The only true meaning to life is when we integrate His reality into our lives by letting His love flow through us.

Dr Jerry Edmon

Dr. Jerry Edmon

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