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4 Sources Of Stress (Part 2)

The second source of stress comes from Increased distractions in our lives.

Most of us need to take a serious look at our schedules and do some major housecleaning. Actually it wouldn’t hurt us to go home today and make it an assignment to see how much stuff we can cancel or eliminate. It seems that with all of our time saving devices, that we are more stressed and have less time than ever before. We are running from daylight to dark, working two jobs, trying to balance our health, spiritual life, family life and career. We fight time, trends, debt, and agendas. For some of you, your kids are driving your life. It is hard to get kids focused today because they want to have it all, do it all, be it all, and go everywhere… before dark. They don’t know what they want or need but they want it now. So we have them in baseball, band, golf, football, track and various clubs.

We are killing ourselves trying to get them cars and parties, ipods and blackberrys. We have run after them until it has consumed our life, our time and our pocket books. On top of that, we have given them an unrealistic view of life. The truth is that you can’t have it all. You can’t be it all. That is why many times they get buried in debt and buried in pressure before they are twenty five years old. Their marriages have unrealistic expectations and demands that depletes and destroys their future. You can’t do it all.

You are going to have to cancel some stuff. You need to turn off the television and the computer. I can hardly turn on my computer without salesmen blinking at me. Television is no longer a place of entertainment. It is a place of hiding. These things have distracted us from living. As a result we don’t manage stress, we hide from it.

Dr. Jerry Edmon

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