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Graduation To Where?

We look at graduation as something we have “graduated from” rather than “graduated to”. The process behind you consists of stretching and growing you with many things that may or may not have anything to do with where you are going, except that it made you open the door to new possibilities and potential. It made you think and stretch. It pushed, developed and matured you. As a graduate you have gone through boot camp and now it is time to engage in the strategy of life. Congratulations. Now it is time to conquer your future. I have five things that I consider to be essential for you as you graduate to the life that s before you.

Establish Spiritual Priorities

God designed you to have a relationship with Him. When this is misplaced, your whole life will fall out of balance. Life is preparation for eternity, a dress rehearsal, nothing more, nothing less.

Maintain Moral Boundaries

Purity is the way to true intimacy. Establish specific guidelines in your dating life. Learn how to protect your body and emotions by honoring God's plan for sex and morality.

Give Honor to Authority

Authority is designed to safeguard your potential and opportunity. To resist authority only hurts you. Remember that the strength of your future is held in place by the principle of authority.

Develop Meaningful Relationships

The direction and quality of your life is going to be determined by your relationships. Scripture tells us that “The companion of fools will suffer harm”. When God is ready to bring promotion in your life, it always comes through relationships.

Give More Than You Take

It is a know fact that to get where you want to go in life, help others get where they want to go. In a world of takers, learn to be a giver.

Dr. Jerry Edmon

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