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Alive With Purpose

Our very antique, very overweight cat took down a bird today...brought it in the house, let it go, re-caught it several times and finally sent it on to Heaven. Moral of this story...NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ANYONE! When they are walking in what they were created to do they come alive. The reality is that you can be more than you thought you could be. You can do more than you thought you could do. When you start walking in what you were meant to be, you will start being alive every moment. Your gifts will function to their highest potential. When you operate within your purpose, your life will bear fruit because it was designed to. A tree doesn’t struggle to bear fruit. There is not strain on the tree. It just happens because that is the way it was designed. Isn’t that the problem with most people today? They are not doing what they were created to do. Somewhere they got off track. As a result, they are living very unfilled and fruitless lives. Maybe they have gone through divorce or tragedy of some kind. Maybe they started life without the education, but whatever the reason, they become convinced that this is just the way life is and they settle. As a result they struggle in their life. Nothing feels natural to them. It seems that they hate what they do for a living. They are going through the motions but they are not alive. I have some good news for you. When you come to Christ, he helps guide you to your destiny. He knows what you were designed to be and he orchestrates your purpose through your relationships and your opportunities. In Christ you can truly find yourself. When you get comfortable in your own skin and stop trying to be someone else, you will start doing what you were created to do and you will come alive.

Dr. Jerry Edmon

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