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A New Cat

A few months ago, my daughter brought home a kitten. With a gleam in her eye, she said “It’s free”. Since then I have been thinking about that statement. Considering the food I bought, the toys and tower things that it needs. By the way, it doesn’t use them. It chooses my furniture instead, which means the cost of my leather recliner of which the cat needed to stretch its claws on my head rest. And when I am not looking he uses the corner of the sofa. I hate that cat. Then we have the imprisonment of not being able to leave town because you have to make sure the cat is taken care of. And last but not least that joy of the litter box. I am not sure how to put a price on that. Free? Bah! In life, you will find that nothing is free. Sometimes the price tag is cleverly hidden. You will pay a price for eating wrong. You will pay a price for eating right. You pay a price for success and you pay a price for failure. And from what I can tell, nothing comes cheap. I am sure that there is someone who doesn’t understand that. If that person is you, I have a cat for you … it’s FREE!

Dr. Jerry Edmon

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