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Would you rather be "happy" and not see the bad, or "less happy" and see things as they really are?

Posted on February 04, 2013 0 Comments

A cat went to England to visit the Queen. When he returned home they asked him what he saw. He said, "I saw a mouse".

In life you usually see what you are looking for, and you usually get what you see. As the matter of fact, what you see becomes the watermark for your whole life. Maybe this will help you in choosing your friends. Little people talk about people. Big people talk about plans and ideas. Those who criticize tend to be pessimist and they see life through a dirty filter. That becomes their reality, but it isn’t truth. So in answer to your question, neither of your options are absolute. 

One final thought. Are you ready to change where you are? Maybe you need to change what you see. Your reality is found in this.

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