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What are your thoughts about Afghanistan and what is the biggest need there?

Posted on July 01, 2011 0 Comments

Afghanistan is a sink hole. I understand why we are there but we must understand that we cannot change them. It is a tactical error to attempt to tame or Americanize that part of the world. We can’t fix them. It is like herding cats. The best we can do is to make an attempt to contain them. Education is the key to helping the world. Iraq has an infrastructure and roads systems that are in place, but Afghanistan is like taking a trip into the past. They still operate mainly off of tribal leaders. They have no roads, no infrastructure to speak of. Their lack of education is what keeps them in the past and makes them vulnerable to the radical fringe like the Taliban. The best we can do in the present distress is to try to buy the allegiance of a few of the tribal leaders and let them do the fighting and maintain the peace. They have been doing that in those mountains for five thousand years. They are pretty good at it. In short, to fight radicalism you must produce economic opportunities and educate. They depend on the ignorant to keep their cause going.

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