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Should we have prayer in school today?

Posted on February 04, 2013 0 Comments

The discussion of prayer in school should not center only upon the issue of religious freedom, but rather on the issue of fairness to the rights of all that attend the school. In this day and time, we have a diversity of nations represented in each community. To assume that prayer must be given in a certain way is to assume that each person worships God as I do. But in our society we find the Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and even the atheist. I may not agree with the way that they worship, but neither should I impose my prayer upon them without their consent. If we have prayer in the public school, whose prayer must all of these nations submit? If the taxes of each of these nations contribute and provide an educational system, then they, within that system, should be protected from a religion or belief of which they disagree, being imposed upon them. One of the pillars of our constitution is the freedom to worship God as we see fit. Therefore, the teachers who are paid by the state should not impose religious preference upon any student. However, each student should have the freedom of religious expression as he or she sees fit, provided it does not interfere with the class structure or become intrusive to other students. I see the issue of prayer in school as an exercise of religious freedom rather than religious worship. Most of those who argue for prayer in school do not pray at home. It is a political move and not a spiritual one.

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