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Is there a clear-cut standard for right and wrong? Can we talk about absolutes in this area?

Posted on February 04, 2013 0 Comments

Where are the lines or ethical standards for conduct drawn? That is a good question. I am taking for granted that you are not speaking about the things that are covered by the laws of the land. Rather the ethical and moral standards of right and wrong. I find that with each generation the standard moves. The taboos of yesterday have become common activity today. People do today without a thought, things they would have never considered doing a generation or two ago. And what is condemned in one part of the world is considered normal behavior in another part. The absolute standard of right and wrong is covered in the Word of God. However, the scripture at times seems unclear in addressing specifics of conduct and morality. When scripture is unclear, as it is with many of the traditions of man, the highest authority is that of the conscience.

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