Jerry Edmon Ministries
Is having a Revolution rebellion against authority? It seems some countries need to be over thrown. Are you a failure if you quit your project mid-stream? I have been asked to give counseling to someone. Is there a place that I should start in helping them resolve their problems? Is it wrong to get angry? I have trouble making decisions. What do I do? Is there a clear-cut standard for right and wrong? Can we talk about absolutes in this area? We just returned from our vacation and we are exhausted. We went a lot of places but I am not sure that we really had any rest. Why is fear and worry so harmful to us? The bible seems to support the death penalty. Do you believe it is right or wrong for our states to use the death penalty today? I have invited people to my house for dinner and they don't seem to know when to leave. How do I get them to go home at the end of the evening without causing offense? What is your favorite poem? It seems to me that Debt is a way of life. Everyone does it. What are your feelings about debt? I have a guy on my team who seems great at starting projects but he fizzles out before the job is complete. Should I replace him? Can you explain why we don't see more people healed after they are prayed for? I have a feeling that my mate is being unfaithful to me. He denies it of course but there are signs that suggest the contrary. Is it foolish to ignore the signs? Is it in God's plan for us to retire? Is euthanasia ever permissible? We are having a problem in our church. I have a couple of families who are working against me. I am thinking that maybe I should resign. It feels like they have taken the joy out of what I do. How should I respond? If God is truly a part of our lives, shouldn't we be drawn to restore past relationships that have fallen by the wayside? And if so how far is far enough in chasing them? I am tired of having to push #1 for English. Why should we have to change our lifestyle for other people who want to come to our country? Is debate a healthy thing for us? In this day of political diversity, it seems that it just brings division and contention. How do you see debate? How do I get past the grief stage of my loss? How come we don't see miracles like they used to? How do you handle crisis when it comes? I need favor on my job. What should I expect from God in this area? Is extravagance wrong? Why is giving necessary for me? I live alone and most of the time I feel a great deal of loneliness. I am ready to get married. What is maturity? We recently had some people leave with no explanation whatsoever. It was and is a very painful experience. They are nice to us when they see us but it leaves us in pain trying to figure what we did wrong. Would you rather be "happy" and not see the bad, or "less happy" and see things as they really are? Should we have prayer in school today? Do you think an employer should be forced to be fair and equal with promotions and pay raises? I have a tendency to exaggerate a little bit. What’s the big deal? Do you think every person has someone who is a match for them? I was divorced a few years ago and find it difficult to trust anyone again. How do I restore trust? What is the greatest thing that we can do for mankind? Do you think we can talk ourselves into being happy? I want to get married but I am concerned that I find the kind of man who will be good to me and be the kind of husband and father that I need. Do you have any suggestions? What is the difference between Christianity and all of the other religions? What are your thoughts about Afghanistan and what is the biggest need there? I am having a problem with something in my church. What should I do? What is the rule of thumb in being a good neighbor? I was telling a joke and hurt the feelings of my friend. What do I do? How could our fore fathers be slave owners? It seems like everything in my life is a struggle. Is sex just a physical function or is there more meaning behind sexuality? My husband is devastated because our son didn’t come in first place in track. He is pretty transparent about it. What should I tell my son?