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We recently had some people leave with no explanation whatsoever. It was and is a very painful experience. They are nice to us when they see us but it leaves us in pain trying to figure what we did wrong.

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In the life of every leader, they face a time when people leave them with no explanation or reason. They just leave. Although it may sound very crude, every healthy organism must have a bowel movement from time to time. Please listen to the heart of this statement. It is part of growing. As you grow, it is normal to discard some of the things that would be excess or unnecessary for your body to function. Some people are just scaffolding. They are only intended to be there until the building gets built, then they leave. Don't take it personal. Let it happen. To try to hold them when they are supposed to leave will release poison into your whole body, and it won't be long until the body shuts down. It may break out in bitterness, rebellion, strife, and contention. This is usually the response when someone has been there too long.

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