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We are having a problem in our church. I have a couple of families who are working against me. I am thinking that maybe I should resign. It feels like they have taken the joy out of what I do. How should I respond?

Posted on February 04, 2013 0 Comments

Any time you experience turmoil or conflict whether it is in the context of a nation, church, or business, the strife and contention are usually found in a very small minority. In most cases, it is only one or two people causing the turmoil. Deal with them and a great calm will follow. The scripture says "cast out the scorner and strife and contention will cease." One person with a contentious spirit can cause turbulence at every level. Their spirit is prevailing. They don't speak for the majority, but at times it seems like they do. Don't listen to them. Don't resign your position or yield to their pressure. The storm will soon pass and they will fade away. They cannot unseat you, so they try to pressure you into unseating yourself.

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