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The bible seems to support the death penalty. Do you believe it is right or wrong for our states to use the death penalty today?

Posted on February 04, 2013 0 Comments

In the days of the bible there were people who were just as dangerous as there are today. There were criminals who would murder, rape and destroy with no regard for life. But when it came to incarceration, their options were limited. In that era, they had no real facilities to restrain someone for the rest of their life. You can only keep them in a tent so long. The problem was that when you had an individual who was that dangerous to the community there was no place for secure incarceration and punishment.

The death penalty is not necessary today as it was in the past. We have better facilities and resources to capture and punish wrong doers. A better solution is to make that person pay the penalty for his terrible transgression for the rest of his natural life. Not in the convenience of a cell with satellite and Internet, but rather a lifetime of hard labor. Seems to me that lethal injection lets them off the hook while the families of their victims suffer every moment for the rest of their lives. I see the death penalty as a step in the wrong direction. I would like to see it removed. 

Nevertheless, if one of our states chooses to keep it as law it must never be taken lightly and remain to them an agonizing process. However, when the decision is made, the task should be carried out within a year. The years of appeal and the millions of dollars are simply irresponsible.

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