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It seems to me that Debt is a way of life. Everyone does it. What are your feelings about debt?

Posted on February 04, 2013 0 Comments

I don't see it as wrong in the sense that you have done some evil thing if you go in debt. Some use other people's money as leverage to bring greater opportunity to themselves. But that is not the case in most people's lives. Do I consider it smart? No! Do I think there is a better way? Yes!

The lifestyle of debt can be very dangerous. Some people are bound by alcohol, some by drugs, and the taskmaster of debt is equally cruel. It is intimidating and hindering. Greed is at the heart of it. Greed is on one side of it and compulsion and lack of judgment on the other. God intended for you to enjoy what he has given you. To really enjoy it, pay cash. 

Debt robs you of opportunity. It keeps you bound to a system that is unstable and unreliable. The flow of financial opportunities has a down side to equal its high side. The man who is in debt is bound to take the ride down. The key is to be debt free, and when you see that the downswing is coming, you can step out of the loop for a while. Catch it on the upside. A debt free man is free to control his own destiny, and he can go from one peak to another. However, the time to buy is when the flow is on the bottom. Hard times hold many opportunities. You can't do that if you are broke and in debt.

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