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Is euthanasia ever permissible?

Posted on February 04, 2013 0 Comments

Are you speaking of ending a person's life because they are suffering through pain or letting them go because they are on life support? That is comparing apples and oranges. I don't assume myself capable to understand the suffering that some are going through on a daily basis. And I certainly don't want to lightly esteem their condition. But when someone is in extreme pain, they cannot rationally judge their situation, and because I am not in their pain, I cannot make true judgment about what they are truly going through. To help end their life with that understanding or rather lack of understanding would be morally wrong. Neither of us are capable of making that call. The problem with euthanasia is that the boundaries are so many and so vague that judgment becomes unclear. One thing is certain. We must never let the responsibility fall into the hands of the government. If we allow this to come into law, it leaves off the question of right and wrong and becomes an issue of when and who. Who is qualified to answer these questions? If the government controls these reins, the decision will soon become an issue of economics. The same is true with the medical profession. Based on their standard, the patient loses the right to life because they need the bed space. That becomes too easy when you are dealing with people you don't know. However, as long as we can maintain the value of the human being, there is flexibility. And I am speaking of someone who is dying. It is my belief that only a family member could ever come close to making that decision. And even then it must be approached with fear and respect. We must never let the government attempt to legislate it into the hands of a stranger. One other thing I want you to consider. To send someone out of this life to end their torment may not end their torment. It may accelerate it for eternity.

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