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Is debate a healthy thing for us? In this day of political diversity, it seems that it just brings division and contention. How do you see debate?

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Here is why debate is important. It is only as false beliefs are placed upon the table of examination that we have the opportunity to fully understand our own belief. Only when we hear fully that with which we disagree can we with authority embrace that which is our own. Dare we prefer one opinion above another based on ignorance of what the other side holds? The majority of people today hold opinions that they have not earned, but rather ones that have been imposed upon them by their peers. They have never allowed themselves even for a moment to become the person with whom they disagree. If you don't fully know both sides, you have no grounds for professing one above another. We forfeit our rights by adopting the opinion of others. You might just as well never have this freedom if you simply choose to go the direction of the majority.

To truly hear the other side of the debate, you must find someone who believes with conviction that their side is correct. Only then can you have a genuine exchange of passion, thought, and will. When you talk to someone, do not dominate the conversation, or be afraid to hear any opposing view. Pause at due intervals and determine to hear what they are saying. And don't just hear, receive it, absorb it and embody it in your reply. Until we come to the place that we can see all sides of truth, we must realize that our perceptions of truth are only half-truth. Diversity is not necessarily evil. It may be a broader view of what is right. 

However, when you must debate an issue, be blunt and straightforward with truth as you see and understand it. If you don't believe it then why should anyone else?

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