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I have been asked to give counseling to someone. Is there a place that I should start in helping them resolve their problems?

Posted on February 04, 2013 0 Comments

If you are going to accept the task of counseling someone, your first goal is to get a clear understanding of why they are there. Start with two questions. What is the problem and what do you want the results to be. The rest of the questions that should be asked fall in place behind these. It would surprise you how many people really don't know what the problem is, much less what they want the solution to look like.

When you counsel someone, learn to listen. It takes discipline and determination. Look for the conversation that is going on between the lines. Learn to ask questions that make them think and that help them come to the right conclusions on their own. 

When interpreting misbehavior, you need to say the following things:

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