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I am having a problem with something in my church. What should I do?

Posted on March 21, 2011 0 Comments

Here is my question. Is it something that you just don’t like or is it something that truly affects you? If it is just something that you don’t like, then get over yourself. If it is something that is affecting you and those around you, then make an appointment with the leaders to talk about it. Don’t talk about complaints to those who are around you. That is gossip, and although you may be strong enough to work through it, the person that you are talking to may not be.

When you talk to your leaders be clear about what is troubling you. Approach them with the attitude of fixing a problem and not just complaining about one. Don’t be stubborn about what you think you know or understand. It’s possible that there are things in play that you don’t know about. You may not be seeing the whole picture. Listen to your leaders and give them the benefit of the doubt. Ask what you can do to help. Once you have voiced your complaint you have done your part. Drop it. Give them time to work on it.Trust the Lord.

I have had situations as a leader that I could not immediately fix and had to let it run its course. Jesus addressed something like that when he talked about the tares sown among the wheat. If you pull the tares out you can also pull out the wheat along with it. He said let them grow together and the Lord will separate them out. Sometimes you have to wait for the Lord to solve the problem. To deal with it prematurely might hurt the people who are innocently connected to it.

Maintain a supportive and problem solving posture.

Relationship is about making concessions. Relationship is about trust. Relationship is walking with people who are imperfect. It’s about overlooking the flaws in those that are around you and allowing people to work through their difficulties. Hopefully your love for the people around you will be greater than the shortcomings that you see.

If the problem is just too great, then you should approach the Lord about moving you to another fellowship. Don’t leave until he releases you. When and if that time comes, sit down with your pastor and ask him to release you so you can move on. Never, ever encourage people to leave with you. You don't need that on your hands. There is only one reason to go to a church and that is because you were sent. There is only one reason to leave a church and that is because you were sent. Don’t let problems derail you from the will of God.

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