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How come we don't see miracles like they used to?

Posted on February 04, 2013 0 Comments

Our belief in miracles will rest on our understanding of God and the part He plays in our life. All of the handiwork of God is a miracle. Creation at every level is miraculous, from the opening of a flower to the balance of the universe. Which would you say is the greatest miracle, the opening of a blind eye or the birth of a child? To embrace only one is to not understand the other. We usually distinguish a miracle by its frequency. The more we see it, the more we don't see it. If the sun only came up one time in your life, your response would be that it is the most miraculous thing that you had ever seen. But because we see it each day, it becomes common to us. We call it "natural." As a result, many miraculous things happen around us every day and we don't see them. Maybe it is not that we stop seeing miracles, we just stop taking time to appreciate them. Our society has become so hardened, that as unthankful children, we cease to be impressed. At the center of the failure of human nature is an unthankful heart.

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