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When Good People Lose Their Way

By Allison Edmon Quesada on March 12, 2013 1 Comment

***THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS AND WHO YOU VOTE FOR AND HOW DYSFUNCTIONAL OUR GOVERNMENT IS OR HOW THEY SHOULD BE REPLACED*** This has nothing to do with our systems of government, our checks and balances or our national budget. This has everything to do with CHRISTIANS stepping away from their political association and being CHRISTIANS first. With taking off the "mob mentality" glasses and looking to see the PEOPLE being targeted. I cant fix the system people, that is a job for our elected officials. But what I do see a problem with is that alongside our "bass-ackwards" political dysfunction we call a modern American government, we are turning on each other, and that is a big no-no if we are to establish the kingdom of Heaven on earth.

I'm no democrat, in fact I am as small government as they come. Let me just give you some insight as to my beliefs lest you (insultingly) accuse me of being a liberal. I believe in personal responsibility, in hard word, in the "American Dream", and that you shouldn't expect things to be handed to you. I do think abortion at any stage is a barbaric and evil practice. I don't think anyone needs to be lifetime welfare recipient. I don't want the government regulating what I can and cant do on my property, with my property, or taking more of my hard earned money than they are owed (not much). Frankly, I don't want the federal government interfering with much of anything except regulating our roads, our schools, and our national defense. Politically I believe that as long as people aren't hurting each other, their business ultimately is their own, and that includes things like owning guns, smoking marijuana, drinking sugary drinks, wearing tacky clothes or dancing badly to polka music). Don't even get me started on how much more respect and care we should give our soldiers and our veterans, how underappreciated our teachers are, or our complete mismanagement of money..(that's a whole different and lengthier essay).

But that being said......

I really believe in helping those around me who are in need. I try to help *people* and not be ruled by stereotypes. I don't believe that the government should be the entity bailing us out because I believe that we as a society should be bailing each other out on a continuous basis. Feeding who is hungry, helping those who cant help themselves, and practicing thankfulness daily, both those who are receiving help and those who are blessed enough to give it. And furthermore, we should maintain that thankfulness regardless of whether the person we received it from or the person we gave it to is thankful or not.

I have felt a real pull to abandon the political sphere because I am watching the group of people I usually agree with be *soured* by their good opinions. And believe me, I understand how frustration can ferment into something contemptuous and gross, but we are spewing it at the wrong direction. Hit Washington....not other citizens.

What has probably been rooted in sincere and honest intentions has become vile and mean and uncaring. Instead of taking their frustration about welfare abuse out on politicians who wont change the system, people take it out on welfare recipients, regardless or not of whether they are in genuine need of assistance. Because in his blind fury, Johnny doesn't believe that anyone needs welfare (since Johnny didn't). It doesnt matter to me if you are on welfare or not. Chances are if you are they type of person who uses, abuses, but doesnt lose the system we arent friends anyways. You'll get what's coming to you at some point, and in the mean time the father of seven down the street who works tirelessly at two jobs can have a little extra support to make sure his kid doesnt go to school in a shirt with holes in it.

There are people who stereotypically define every single Mexican immigrant as an illegal, lazy menace to society, even though they had no problem paying three immigrants half the the price the high school kid down the street would have charged to do yard work. That yard work that you don't want to do, don't have time to do, or just think you are better than. I live in central Texas, I've seen immigrants of every kind, and frankly while I cant afford to foot the bill for an entire nation of non-tax payers, I'm not going to storm over to Juan and Rosita living next door considering that they both work long hours at jobs nobody else wants, stay up late trying to help their young son with his *English* schoolwork, and send every penny of money they can afford to back to cancer-stricken Abuelita in Mexico. Is every case like this? Of course not, but every time I slam the illegal aliens as a whole, they are automatically included.

Some people would publicly lynch the government program that spent billions of your tax dollars on free school lunch programs for needy children. For CHILDREN. And instead of stepping back and seeing that they are fighting over feeding babies, they continue on their self-righteous rant about how their parents had to work hard to provide their lunch back in the day, or they didn't get lunch, (or they had to walk uphill in the snow for 69 miles one way to school)... and because of that-- this handout shouldn't be allowed. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT GIVING FOOD TO CHILDREN. CHILDREN!! You know.....the "such is the kingdom of God" crowd! Who cares if their parents are legitimately poor or not, do you really want to challenge God with *THAT* as your defense??

Some people will picket an abortion clinic and call every supporter of women's rights "Satan's minions" (most of them are, but not all ;P), but if an expectant mother asked you to adopt her child so she wouldn't have to have an abortion....would you even seriously consider your response with prayer and thoughtfulness before you said no?

And frankly, if I see one more picture of a gun and a bible as if the two support each other I might scream. Because really? **THAT** is what you take from the bible?!? (PS I am pro 2nd amendment, but I hate seeing people act like it's a god given right to carry a pistol. Is it an American right? Yes...but stop acting like Jesus was telling you in code to carry).

Bottom line is, they are just becoming mean. And I'm embarrassed to be associated with mean people, even if they have good ideas. They've taken a balanced and responsible view of things and put an ugly self-righteous attitude on it and now the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Stop being mean. Go help people. If nobody has helped you then you should know first hand how hard it can be along the way. If you are so stubborn that you refuse the most basic of help to strangers then chances are Jesus wants to give you a knuckle sandwich. He came to serve not to be served. Just stop being so angry.

That may be okay for the world, but if you are a Christian you are not of the world. You are held to a different standard. I don't care what your political beliefs are, I really really really don't. This is not an endorsement or a praise of any party or thought system. I don't care if you are a card carrying member of the tea party, or a flaming socialist. Just whatever you nice. Just help people, and be nice to each other. And stop trying to be the judge over who deserves your help and who doesn't. God is a better Ref than you. He always has been, always will be.

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Joel Spealman (@1duffer)'s avatar

Joel Spealman (@1duffer)

June 20, 2015 at 11:37am | Permalink

Of course, you are right. BUT... I am trying to accept your teaching without saying that word again. Yes, we see decay in America and hunger for justice and anger because our leaders do not follow the Constitution. Damn right, we are confused. And we are angry because we are confused.

The money changers make obscene amounts of money, then they support the ruling class who help them make more billions.

We give the poor handouts from the Central Government Bank, we require nothing in return, we place few restrictions on its use, and some politicians trade stuff for votes.

The lawmakers have the power to well, they have the power to do almost anything they want.

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