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What Easter Brings

By Jerry Edmon on March 28, 2010 1 Comment

“A fresh Start”. It sounds great doesn’t it? That's what Easter should mean to us, a fresh start and a new beginning. The life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ symbolize what God wants to do in our lives. Neither the death nor the burial was enough by itself. Many stop there in their own experience. They get bogged down in the past and never rise from the failures of the old man to possess their future. Its one thing to fall down and all believers do from time to time…but sadly, there are many today who never get up. They remember how it used to be with them and God, but somewhere along the way they didn’t get back up.

The resurrection of Christ is the symbol of a new future and a new beginning. We are crucified with Christ, but we are also raised with Him in power. You have been empowered to live a resurrected life. Maybe you have fallen and you can’t get up. You fell out of church years ago and find it difficult to return. The problem is that you are looking backward instead of forward. You’re not a failure because you fall…only if you don’t get back up. If you get up just once more than you fall then you’re a success! I heard someone call that “failing forward”. Just tell God that you need to start over. Receive His gift of grace and get back up and move forward. God does give fresh starts. Don’t let Satan keep you from living the Christian life because he keeps bringing up your past. There is a resurrection experience for you every day. Just respond to God in the present and change your future. The past has passed and can’t be changed, but your future is unwritten.

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Dick Davis

April 3, 2010 at 4:31pm | Permalink

Amen, Brother!

Without the power of the resurrection, there would be no hope!

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