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Vetting or Cannibalism?

By Jerry Edmon on December 19, 2011 0 Comments

I had a sense of excitement when the Presidential political season officially opened and the GOP candidates began to appear. It seemed like a breath of fresh air for a few moments. After the exchange of pleasantries the campaign season turned to cannibalism and they began the process of character assignation.  They called it “vetting” and assured us that it was healthy for the system. After a few exchanges, substance and ideas are no longer the diet.  A pound of flesh is now required. Idiots. The GOP is now eating their own. This “vetting” is no longer a search to purge out the unclean, it is a desperate attempt to try to make the other candidate look worse than you.

Obama said “Don’t compare me with the almighty, compare me to the alternative”. That is without a doubt the most desperate thing I have ever heard a political candidate say. He is so pitifully weak that the only thing he can say is, “At least I am not as bad as them”. What a great campaign slogan.  Translation; His only hope of survival is in his ability throw mud. For all that he can gather, I don’t know if that is possible. In November of 2012, I fear that we will only be left with a bloody, muddy mess. I am sickened by the GOP campaign already. I can hardly stomach the thought of a year of venom and blame that lies ahead. No one eats flesh like the Dems.

In politics you hang on every word hoping there is a slip up to discredit someone’s character. At the end of the day ideas, passion and genuine honesty is squelched. All that we are left with is plastic, rehearsed sound bites on everything from Pakistan to toilet paper. Ron Paul has stayed in the race over the years because, love him or not, he at lease spoke about his passion. People are hungry for that. Gingrich has excelled because he is talking about ideas and appears to have passion. The others try to touch on hot issues but they lack something. They aren’t believable. You get the feeling that they dare not speak a word or use a phrase unless it has been polled in the field and at the end of the day their ideas aren’t their own. I understand the risk. Sometimes we forget the political field on both sides is littered with liars, cheats, manipulators, con men and thugs. It is an arena that brings the worst out of the worst. Washington looks like a storyline from “Night of the Living Dead”.

At the end of the day, little people talk about people. Big people talk about plans and ideas. My hope is that a giant will emerge from the political sea of dwarfs.

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