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Three Rules to Success

By Jimmy Milligan on November 22, 2009 0 Comments

I believe that achieving success in life is something that every human wants to have happen. I purposely said “have happen”. I do not believe that success comes to you neither by accident nor by way of it being handed out. Yes, you can inherit an estate, but you did not have the success of the estate! Success is an achievement and therefore must be worked for!

There are three things that seem to transcend all aspects of success. Whether you are seeking a secular success or a spiritual success they are achieved much in the same way.  Here are three things that are found in the principles of the bible that will always help you achieve success.

The first is Knowledge.

The word says that people actually receive destruction due to lack of knowledge (see Hosea 4:6). When we seek knowledge we then have a supply of information to draw from. When I was in high school I wanted to learn about painting and repairing autos. My teacher said he didn’t think I could do it. He then said if I would read every book in the body shop library that I could have a shot. I read them all! Well, many years and many thousands of dollars earned later proved that I achieved the status as a professional paint and body repairman. I also owned my own shop and taught many others the trade. Knowledge was crucial in that venture.

The second is Understanding.

If all you have is knowledge it may not function as it should for you. Some things you learn do not work unless you understand them. Seeking to understand a thing can be tedious and could take much effort. It will, however, be worth it. Scripture says for us to get understanding (see Prov. 4:5). When the word “get” is used and the implication is that you will have a cost attached to it. Time is precious and some think it takes too much time to “get” understanding. If we don’t go after understanding we will pay later! Count the cost.

The final is Wisdom.
Wisdom is a decision made based on knowledge that has been understood then applied to a proper situation. We can get results that will astound us if we take the time to do things the way God gives the provision for. Job 12:13 says that wisdom is with those that have spent time on something. As you apply your life to the foundations of the Word of God you will see success coming your way. Whether in life applications or in spiritual applications these three things will work!

Making decisions based upon flawed concepts and failed understanding will always bring bad results. Find solid and proven principles then use them to your benefit.

Go after the dreams that are in your heart with these principles and God will put you on pathways that will bring you into the success you were meant to have!

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