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The Magic Of Baseball

By Jerry Edmon on May 10, 2010 0 Comments

When it first opened, I went to the new baseball stadium in Arlington, Texas, whichis the home of the Texas Rangers. As I stood on the top floor overlooking the playing field, I was overwhelmed with a memory from my playing days as a kid. I was the pitcher on a local pee-wee team. I attended Columbus school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and played for the Columbus Zebras. I haven’t said that name in years. Isn’t it strange how a memory is anchored to so many feelings?

Well, that day in Arlington, I remembered something that I had not felt inthirty years. It was the feel of a brand new baseball that had never been used. I remember the umpire throwing the new ball out to me. The leather felt soft and slick. It was so white that it would almost glow. The feel of the new ball in my hands brings so many memories and emotions to the surface, like the lights, the dirt on the mound. I don’t know how to describe it, but some of the greatest feelings I have ever had in my life are linked to that new baseball in my hand. Maybe you would have to experience it to understand. Thank you God for that memory. It is wonderful to be touched by the magic of baseball.

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