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The Escalating Drug War On The Mexican border

By Jerry Edmon on December 13, 2010 0 Comments

Let me say emphatically, there is no diplomatic solution to the drug problem between Mexico and the United States. Mexico and its people have been taken hostage. Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, along with other border towns reminds me of Columbia and Pakistan at their worst. They are controlled by the drug cartel, gangsters and thugs. These are among the most brutal terrorist on the planet. In 2010, over three thousand people were murdered. That’s inconceivable. Many Americans were among those murdered. How our government officials can stand by and watch Americans be kidnapped and executed without having a frantic meltdown is beyond me. I am so disappointed at those politicians who are willing to close at least one eye to the border activity by pandering to Mexico’s illegal’s in order to try to secure the Mexican vote. More than 28,000 people have been killed in drug violence since President Felipe Calderon launched a crackdown against cartels in 2006. The government does not regularly break down murder statistics, but according to national daily Milenio, 1,234 were killed in July 2010. Up to that point it was the deadliest month yet under Calderon. According to officials, drug violence in Mexico “is still growing”. American deaths continue to be reported. No one can be considered immune from these crimes on the basis of occupation, nationality, or other factors. Mexican criminals have been known to follow,harass and kill U. S. citizens traveling in their vehicles, particularly in border areas including Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, Reynosa, Juarez, Mexicali, Tijuana and most all border towns. 

There is no easy solution to any drug problem. And it is naïve for anyone to think that we are somehow going to solve this problem without a great deal of cost, mostly human life. The U.S. State Department estimates that 90% of cocaine entering the United States transits through Mexico, with Columbia being the main cocaine producer and that wholesale of illicit drug sale earnings estimates range from $13.6 billion to $48.4 billion annually. It's very difficult for the Mexican officials who are in charge to be serious about change when there is so much money passing through their hands, but fear must cut to the heart of everyone who is involved in this international crisis or it will never, ever change. As the matter of fact, it will grow worse.

Pain and pleasure are the two great motivators and life. Somehow the pain of what they will receive if they are caught must be greater than the pleasure that they will receive in the trafficking of drugs. To arrest this problem, we cannot play political games. We must play hardball. What does that mean? It means that a lot of people are going to have to die and a lot of others imprisoned.

First of all, the Mexican government must be pressured to treat this for what it is, a war zone in their front yard. This will require a complete invasion of the military. The drug cartel has grown into an armed fortress. These guys are ten times worse than Saddam Hussein. The Mexican government should put more intelligence on the ground to identify and cut off the supply line beginning with its origin, the suppliers and those who manufacture, grow and transport the drugs. There should be a massive military invasion into these cities where the cartel has set up a stronghold. The citizens of these towns should be given ample time to leave harm’s way before the military moves in. After that the cartel must know that they will surrender or die. The military must have the resolve if necessary to move in and kill everything that moves. And then maintain a military presence for at least one year. Since the drug cartel has already killed over 3000 people in 2010 alone, we must understand that they will not hesitate to kill anyone who tries to stand in their way. This is the mindset of the criminal element that we are dealing with. On the American side we must also see this as a war zone in our back yard. We must be prepared to go into Mexico and alongside the Mexican government, carry out battle plans to seek and destroy. Under those conditions, our military could clear out these rat’s nests in 90 days.

Secondly, we must be relentless and terrifying in the pursuit of those who are buying and selling drugs on the American side of the border. These are the feeders of this monster. In light of that, they stand as guilty for the murder of the 28,000 as of those who pulled the trigger. The buyers on the American side of the border are the ones who are keeping the gravy train moving. Because of the urgency of the moment, the border should be handled as a police state in relation to drug smuggling. Those who buy for the purpose of selling the drugs should be put on the fast track to a life sentence with hard labor. If our border agents are fired on, they should have the liberty to fire back with intention to destroy or neutralize their target.

Lastly, a new campaign to make drugs unfavorable should be launched throughout the United States. It should be more intense than the campaign against smoking and drinking. We must make it unfashionable and shameful in the eyes of our young people beginning with very small children. Drugs must be looked at as something that only the desperate, criminal element would partake in. For those minors who sell drugs in school, they should be on a list like those who are sex offenders. That list should follow them for the rest of their lives. For adults who sell drugs to minors, they should also face a life sentence of hard labor. I know that there will be some who will say this is harsh, but they have obviously never dealt with drugs or drug addicts before. You have to put out this fire with a hammer. As a side note about drugs in our nation, Meth is the worse drug that has ever been concocted. It has the potential to destroy our country.

2011 should be year of the war on drugs. Will it be? Probably only to the extent that the Border States have the courage to defy Washington.

From a spiritual standpoint we need to pray against the spirit of lawlessness that is at work throughout these two nations.

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