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The Curious Case of A Pro-Life Feminist

By Allison Edmon Quesada on January 31, 2017 0 Comments

As a woman, am I allowed to have allowed to have an opinion on American women's rights issues even if it doesn't necessarily align with traditional women's rights groups? Is it still valid? Cause if so, I can't march but I will share mine. I looked all over the women's March website trying to find their direct principles/requests but I couldn't really find one? So just judging based on all the other usual hot topics on women's rights:

1. Yes, of course I think there should be equal pay for equal work and equal qualification (I don't deserve a bonus for being a female any more than Joe does for being a male) but I think if you A) put pressure and exposure on local companies directly whom you find out do not support equal pay, or B) As professional women, stop taking jobs for a salary you don't feel is fair or competitive in the first place, you will get a lot more done than waiting on the government to figure out the right legislation to pass and hope it trickles down your way without any loopholes. In the political off-season half of the women I see marching about equal pay are spreading around that meme about only looking in your neighbors bowl to make sure they have enough. Weird. 

2. Abortion. Stop it. It's legal. What are you marching about? Opposition to it? Let me ask you a question, if roughly half the country (let's just say) is against abortion because they are convinced, deeply, that abortion is murder...what is the appropriate moral response on their part if they actually believe you are murdering infants? Regardless of if they are wrong or right, if they actually believe you are murdering infants, what kind of people do you want to make them that you ask them to stop opposing your abortion? Or rather, if you really truly believed that someone was actively murdering infants by the tens of thousands, what would your appropriate response be? If you say to mind your own business and do nothing then get out of Washington, you don't really believe in a moral responsibility to guard our moral or ethical behavior as a country. And furthermore, stop trying to guilt me into believing that I have an obligation to completely betray my principles to support your abortions. I don't care what you do with your body on your own time at all, I will not stop you nor is it my business, but the minute it involves the direct harm of another human life (regardless of whether it is dependent on you or not), we have a problem, folks. And you should be happy that in that aspect, there are so many humans who care.

3. Family leave: yes. I would love to see our nation place a greater importance and ease on families by allowing mothers to work and be with their children. I would say this is critical, but I am cautious about how that can realistically be done and directly whose fault it is that it isn't. Yes, I do think a mandate would have to come from the government, but as always, I think that these are better served with incentives instead of fines. Forcing companies to do this does not seem to be going well. (See Obamacare where people just got laid off by the masses). 

4. Women's health. Stop it. This is about planned parenthood and planned parenthood alone. Women's health is human health and you can go see your doctor or local clinic for virtually ANYTHING.. Your GP, OBGYN, or frankly, anyone you ask will order a diagnostic exam for you anytime you want it. I know because I work in healthcare and deal with indigent care patients all the time who have no money and no resources and still get the medical care they need. This masquerade about women's health is ONLY about planned parenthood and planned parenthood is only a hot issue because of abortion and that makes me think you really don't care about women's health, you care about abortion and in that case see number 2.

5. uhhh....what else? The way women are victimized by violence and rape and all kinds of other horrible things at the hands of men? Horrible. Also, Tale as old as time. You will not legislate this out of the hearts of men. That is on us to protect and defend our sisters and mothers and daughters (and raise good hearted sons), and instead of acting further victimized when people make "locker room jokes", be prepared to stand up and punch somebody in the nose instead of just talking about how offended you are. That is not victim shaming, I understand not everyone feels as though they can react. But the job of changing our direct circumstances is not on our government, it is on us. If enough of us do it (fight back, tell, expose or do so for our sisters), it will change things. And yes I know that that particular fight is hard, but it has and can be done. And if our great-greats fought the suffragette fight and went through all they did at the cost of their comfort and happiness, we can expect to be uncomfortable in our fight back. If enough of us do it, maybe our granddaughters wont have to. But the government cant change that. You will not find a society where there is not violence in the heart of bad people who will take it out on those physically weaker than them. My solution is empower women through strength and combat and the mindset they get from their mothers and grandmothers that they don't have to take it. You wont break it until you can stop women from feeling the worthlessness that lies to them and tells them its ok that Joe hits her, he does it because he loves her. And no government is going to do that. Young female IDF soldiers look like they sleep pretty good at night.

All the other stuff I saw had nothing to do with women, just with humans, so, whatevs about that. I get an opinion on those as a human just like anybody else but not an extra bonus vote as a woman.

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