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Our true “citizenship”

By Allison Edmon Quesada on December 07, 2012 0 Comments

As Christians in America who value our country’s freedoms and esteem the faith of many of the founding fathers, we must recognize the odd position in which we are placed by the current conflicts. While Islam is a deplorable false religion, its adherents are those who believe that there is a God who has revealed Himself to man, expects certain behavior from Him and will bring mankind into judgment for this behavior. Although steeped in false notions of morality, they are (by and large) a people to whom modesty, sobriety and self-control mean something. And yet, as we stand against the assaults of Muslim terrorist extremists we stand allied with our fellow Americans who may be godless, immoral, drunkards in outright rebellion to any accountability to Divine judgment. This was illustrated clearly in the death of the former NFL football player Pat Tillman. Tillman was idealized by many in America for leaving a lucrative career to volunteer as an Army Ranger. Yet, after his death in Afghanistan his family made it clear that this was a man who did not esteem or worship God (Knapp).

We must be very careful that we do not, in our devotion to freedom and love of country, forget that God’s word is our standard, guide and true allegiance. We may appreciate fellow-citizens who stand up for freedom, but our alliance with them must go only so far as the pages of God’s word would allow us. We must always recognize that our true “citizenship” lies in heaven (Philippians 3:20).

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