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On the Road to a Come Back

By Woody Robinson on August 11, 2009 8 Comments

Joseph is put in prison because of Pottifer’s wife.

Moses leaves Egypt after killing an Egyptian.

Samson is captured by his enemies, imprisoned & has his eyes removed.

David is driven into the wilderness by King Saul.

Later in life, David is driven from the throne by his own son.

Peter denies that he even knows Jesus.

Jesus is put on trial, beaten, tortured & crucified.

Sept. 29, 2008 my daughter Ashley & I were in an automobile accident. A truck pulled out in front of us & we collided into the side of the truck at a speed of 65 M.P.H. Ashley had aches, pain & bruises. I was knocked out, thought to be dead and air lifted to the hospital. In the accident, I sustained three bulging discs in the lumbar area of the spine, severe neck trauma, torn rotator cuff of the left shoulder, interior bruising to my chest, a large blood clot around my heart that doctors felt might need surgery at a moment’s notice, plus could cost me my life and a severe concussion that left me unconscious in I.C.U four days.

At present, I am still experiencing many effects of the accident; dizzy spells, head aches, forgetfulness, personality and mood changes, get tired quickly, sleeplessness, limited physical activity, constant back and neck pain. Still not allowed to drive and have not returned to traveling and ministering, which was my main source of income previous to the accident.

At present, I am still on the road called “recovery.” I am on the road to a come back.

In situations like this we often ask “what do I do now?” Everything is different, everything has changed. Will things ever be the same? What will happen to me, my family, my job and my ministry? How can one day, one moment change everything?

The reality is that in spite of well laid plans and intentions some situations bring to our world circumstances that change everything. It’s not easy or pleasant but it happened.

Regardless of who is the cause or at fault, it happened. The first thing you must determine is, “where am I?” When God came down to look for Adam after he had eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the first thing He asked was “Adam where are you?”.

Like an accountant must assess your finances, you must take an honest look at where you are and what you still have. At this point your power and strength are at an all time low. But you can be encouraged because it’s not by your power and not by your strength but by HIS SPIRIT and HIS STRENGTH!! You still have His strength, His power, His comfort, His peace, His Word, His Spirit and unexplainable faith in Him. When you are weak, He is strong! It will be a struggle. It won’t be easy. It will push your level of patience. There will be times you will cry and be frustrated, but He will help you do what you need to do. You can come back from this.

Your life is lived in stages. Sometimes, you progress and transition into different stages of life with paralyzing fear. Many times the end of a stage seems like the end of life as we know it. I remember learning to ride a bike. I was so scared I couldn’t peddle or get started. Finally, my dad just gave me a big push and through my tears I began to ride that bike. I was in transition from walking to riding. Anytime you’re in transition it is not uncommon to experience depression, because you are going from one stage in life to another stage. Depression can grip your heart & mind to the point that you feel as if you can’t move physically. It drains your emotions of hope and strength. You are not at the end of your life; but you’re only at the end of a stage. Yes there will be changes and changes can be scary. You must push back depression and fear because they will stop you from moving into the next stage. You must focus on the future not the moment.

In times of chaos
you need discipline. I know it doesn’t sound spiritual but it’s true. Discipline begins to add order and focus to your world that now seems in chaos and out of control. You need to focus on the most important things (God, spouse, family, things that promote your recovery). Start with your relationship with God. Make a new dedication that you are going to trust Him, lean on Him and seek Him during this stage in your life. Draw close to the Lord and He will draw close to you. Also, let your family help you, it may not be easy but they love you and they are on your side. Be patient with them because they are trying to be patient with you. Focus your attention and strength in the direction you need to be going, forward. You may have to do things you never did before, but do it anyway. At the time of writing this, I have many moments of forgetfulness (what day it is, conversations I’ve had, calls I need to make, etc.). I’m struggling with my memory so the doctor has instructed me to carry a calendar and a note pad so I can write down my appointments and other things I need to remember. Before the accident I seldom forgot things, but in this time of my life I need to embrace discipline. Don’t let your mind and efforts just run aimlessly. Professional sports team use discipline in practice so when they get to the game they know what to do, not everyone running around in confusion. Use discipline the same way in your life to control the avalanche of thoughts and emotions that seem to be overwhelming you. Put aside your pride and begin to build again the areas that have been torn down by the circumstances. Discipline will change into habit and habit will change into normal.

You are on the road to a come back
. This stage and moment is not the end of your life. It will be difficult at times. There will be moments of frustration and impatience. But if you’re still breathing then God isn’t finished writing your story. Joseph came back from prison to the become prime minister. Moses came back from the desert to be a deliverer for God’s people. Samson came back from prison to kill twice as many enemies than he had previously. David came back from the wilderness twice to go to the throne as king. Peter came back from denying to preaching on the day of Pentecost. Jesus came back from the grave with resurrection power! If the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you it will quicken your body, strengthen your emotions and refresh your spirit. The situation happened but you can come back from this. With discipline you will focus on the future not the moment. You are on the road to a come back!

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Paula Hiser's avatar

Paula Hiser

August 12, 2009 at 8:13pm | Permalink

Woody Robinson is a survivor and he can do ALL things thru Christ which will strengthen him. With a holy ghost filled mom and grandmother like he had in Fireball, there's no way the devil is gonna defeat him! I'm praying for ya Woody and holding you and your family up before the Lord. Take care to take care and know that this is just a time of testing that you will pass with flying colors! Glory to God in the Highest!!!

David W. Binford's avatar

David W. Binford

August 12, 2009 at 8:31pm | Permalink

I consider Woody a great friend. He has been there for me on various occasions even in his own challenges! I sincerely appreciate his wisdom and friendship. This too shall pass! You are on the road to a comeback and I am marching to victory!

SPC David W. Binford

US Army

Ft. Campbell, KY

Katie Jackson's avatar

Katie Jackson

August 12, 2009 at 9:02pm | Permalink

Woody, you are a WINNER! I've watched you walking on your journey to "come back"... Your FAITH has stayed strong and your love for JESUS has never changed! Keep up the good work - God's payday is ahead! Love to you and Kelly.. Katie

Darlene Taff's avatar

Darlene Taff

August 12, 2009 at 11:21pm | Permalink


You are a trophy of God's mercy in that you have survived the wreck. You are and will be a trophy of His grace as you make your way through to your comeback. You have my deepest admiration and respect for keeping God uppermost in your goals and in your daily walk while you are on this journey. During all of this, Christ is your sufficiency for every moment.

I have always believed that you are wonderful and when I look around you at some of the awesome people in your life who call you a friend, THAT is even further proof... such as Jerry Edmon, Brother and Sister McCorkle, Pat Smith, Leo Price, Mark Graham, Jim Mackey, Robert Johnson, Jack Coe, Mike Anderson, Ron Charles and a growing list of MANY, MANY other awesome people and leaders, including your own dear Kelly and her parents as well as an endless host of your friends whom I've not even met. YOu are truly a friend to each of your four children and to each of us in your owm family. Most importantly, you are truly an example of a friend of God.

Your victorious days ahead are reached one at a time and you are doing a great job of it!

Much love,


Dawn M Binford's avatar

Dawn M Binford

August 13, 2009 at 9:17am | Permalink


I can not even begin to explain the emotions that have flooded over me as I read your message! I am so thankful that our God whom we all serve had His protection around you and that you and your precious daughter are still with us today! Praise be to God!

Thank you for sharing your message with us. My journey may not be thru a physical healing as yours but one that messes with the feelings, emotions and trusting, it is like being on a roller coaster ride and I want off! As I read your message, it was confirmed to me that I am on the right track, I am speaking the right words and standing on His Word that gives me the strength and the endurance to carry-on and reminds me that I need to exercise my patience more than before. I am on the Road to a Come Back!

Our God is a good God and He only wants the Best for us all! Keep pressing in and pressing on for His rewards are Great! The best is yet to come!

There is victory in the Name of Jesus,

Dawn M Binford

Jerry Walton's avatar

Jerry Walton

August 13, 2009 at 9:44am | Permalink

Woody you are a blessing as well as a friend. You are a man of God who touches lives for His glory. God has put in you the ability to touch people that for some people are untouchable. I am thankful that in the stage of life you are in, you are still a positive and uplifting influence to the people who know you. We folks here in Lamesa still love you and are praying for you and look forward to seeing you soon. God is going to to great things in your life to show what the devil meant for harm God will you for GLORY. I love ya man.


Jo Turner's avatar

Jo Turner

August 13, 2009 at 3:52pm | Permalink

Woody,you remind me that in the Word it says,"Nothings to hard for our God.You are equipped for your comeback.Love to you and the family.Our God Reigns....mamajo

Laura Menking's avatar

Laura Menking

April 4, 2010 at 5:37pm | Permalink

Woody, I have not met you personally but know you through the ministry at Pastor Edmon's church. One of the comments written stated that you are a "survivor". Actually, you are more than that. You are an "OVERCOMER". To survive simply means that you are barely hanging on to life. To overcome means that you are living victoriously! You are a living expample of Revelation 12:11...."And they have OVERCOME him by means of the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony". May your life continue to be a living testimony of God's faithfulness even in the midst of tragedy and may many who are suffering find hope and encouragement when they hear the "words of your testimony".

In Him,

Laura Menking

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