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How to create job growth in the United States

By Jerry Edmon on August 22, 2010 0 Comments

This is not rocket science. Job growth is caused by promoting and building the factories and shops where those jobs are created. I am speaking of American companies, especially small business. If you are needing milk from a cow, you should at least consider the value of the cow. You're not going to build the job market by penalizing and harassing small businesses. If I were a business owner, I would be looking at two things, opportunity and profit. If those two things are threatened then I, as a small business owner, am forced into considering cutbacks or other things that will help protect my “opportunity and profit”. Although the present administration says they are for job growth, they are doing exactly the opposite of what is needed to bring job growth. They're raising taxes on businesses, bringing more regulations and restrictions. Their government oversight and red tape is making it almost impossible for small businesses to continue. And why should they? If my “opportunity and profit” is diminishing, what makes you think I would want to hire more people? Why should I stay in business at all? I will go do something else.

On the other hand, if they were to cut taxes, ease regulations and make it easier for my business to function and profit, then I would in turn look for opportunities to expand and thereby hire more people. This is so simple you have to have help to misunderstand it. The Federal Government should be a servant to businesses with a determination to make their opportunities more plentiful. Instead they have positioned themselves as the enemy and many of our jobs have gone over seas.

The fact is, the only business that Washington is trying to grow is the federal government. Government control, government restriction, government red tape and most of all government ownership. Their vision for America is a market that is exclusively owned by the Federal Government. They have recently boasted of raising the job numbers, but those numbers are fixed. Their idea of creating jobs and lowering unemployment is to have more people become government employees. These are not real numbers, at least from a free-market standpoint. Our taxes still have to pay their salaries. They will soon have to take seventy, eighty percent or more of your income in taxes to feed that bureaucracy.

Here is the bottom line. The Democratic Party and specifically this President has an agenda that is destructive to small businesses in this country. I would like to think it was innocently misguided, but no one could be that naive. No, they have been thinking about this for a long time. They are Socialist and the Socialist agenda has been an enemy to capitalism and Free Market Enterprise since its conception. Their ideas work great on paper, but not in real life. Socialism is a concept of Utopianism. They just can’t figure how to pay for it. Socialism can only be carried out by a government that is completely interwoven into the fabric of every decision that its people make. The strength of Socialism can only be control and domination. Socialism does not understand the flaws of human nature and assumes that everyone is willing to participate and contribute. The down side to Socialism is that there is no initiative to excel. Society may live, but they will cease to be alive.

Socialism is not designed to create jobs in the market place. Yet their need to spend makes them look to you and your check book. They have no other plan. To somehow justify their policies, they have to make villains out of the people they are taxing. They promised that their target would only be the rich, but that is just a smoke screen. It is coming to all of us. The only way to make socialism work is to raise your taxes to so you can pay for what they are doing to you.

The raising of taxes for government spending is the laziest, most non-creative piece of legislation that can be produced. It requires no talent, imagination or effort whatsoever. For them it’s a great relationship. You make the money and we will come and take it away from you. We will call it, “Spreading the wealth”.

Please understand that our President is not doing a bad job, nor is he dishonest. He is doing exactly what he said he would do. He is honestly following the philosophy of his political doctrine. Big government, bigger government, biggest government.

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