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How Christians Should Invest

By Tim Dillard on January 10, 2011 0 Comments

If you stand near a busy intersection and hang a sign around your neck that says, “A wreck is about to happen here!”and you stand there long enough, a wreck will happen and you, the sign holder will be vindicated.

Thus it is for people who predict the next financial downturn. During the twenty-five years of unprecedented growth in the economy from 1993 –2008, there were many naysayers who screamed to the masses that the economic sky was about to fall. Then, sure enough, it fell in 2008 in what was then termed the Subprime Mortgage Crisis.

It’s important to note that this happened while a Republican president was in office. But the crash of the economy was no more his responsibility than the economic prosperity of the previous 25 years was his or President Clinton’s doing.

The economy is complex. Events such as the near depression of 2008 take many years of bad decisions, usually rooted in politics and greed piling up on one another to finally collapse the underpinnings of the world economy.

But what happened in 2008 was historic. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke used the lessons of the Great Depression of 1929 to gauge the Fed’s reaction. In 1929, the Federal Reserve tightened monetary policy –effectively sucking much needed capital from the economy at a time when the entire system was collapsing.

So the Federal Reserve, according to the Federal Reserve, was hero. What many Americans fail to realize is that the Federal Reserve is a private bank, owned by a few people/families and the Fed has never been audited. Repeat, never been audited.

All American taxes are deposited with the Fed. The Fed loans money to our government so it is in the best interest of the Fed for our government to owe money. Thus the Fed benefits when there is a national debt such as there is now –which is currently climbing towards 14 trillion dollars.

We borrow money not only from the Fed,but from other governments such as the Chinese. Our annual debt payment to the Chinese is over $1 trillion.

If we’re taking in less than we owe and we owe the Chinese a payment of $1 trillion a year, how do we pay the Chinese?

Herein is the insight on how a Christian should invest.

The Fed simply has the US Mint print up a trillion more dollars. And I assume someone in a small, fast jet with a large suitcase flies to Beijing before the end of each debt cycle.

And no, the key is not to find that jet. Remember, this is about how Christians should invest.

The reason why the first and only line of this article didn’t say, “Buy Gold”is because most people do not understand the world economy due to its complexity. But when the entire house of cards was about to collapse in 2008 and the Federal Reserve calculated that it would take $900 billion to save the world from another Great Depression, the man sent before Congress to justify the $900 billion had this to say when asked about the justification, research and origins of the $900 billion amount, “We just wanted it to be a really large number.”

That’s it. With all the so called complexities in the economy, the float of currencies, the laws of supply and demand turned upside down from one country to the next, the final justification for saving the world’s economy was as simple as, “We just wanted it to be a really large number.”

In other words, it’s not that complex. Take in more than you spend. You’re OK. Do the opposite –you’re not OK.

We’re not OK.

And now it appears that China is tired of us printing money to pay them back. What makes that possible is the US dollar is used as the base currency throughout the world. The US dollar historically could be spent almost anywhere in the world. China is making plans to go off the US dollar as its base currency and is doing so in concert with the Bank of England. Why?

Because if the Bank of England and China get together and make the Euro or the Chinese Yuan the base currency then that makes the $1 trillion dollars in the suitcase delivered to the Chinese almost worthless.

That’s what’s known as too many dollars chasing too few things. When there are too many dollars it makes the dollars worth less and causes the product prices to skyrocket. It has happened in many countries over the years, most recently in Greece.

It’s not complicated.

However, for Christians, who choose to awaken to the wreck that is about to happen at the intersection of United States and America, it is a resounding wake up call. It could very quickly cause the downfall of many banks and within days cause the Federal Government to lose solvency.

And this would be the normal gloom and doom prediction if it weren’t for the Bible. Remember when John went to Patmos and envisioned the world of the future, penning probably the most famous prophecy ever, “And the mark of the beast will be in the palm of the hand and on the forehead and without it, you won’t be able to buy or sell anything,”those words made no sense. A global stoppage of consumption based on a mark of some kind? John should have been branded a lunatic.

But now I buy most of my “stuff” online with a mouse click that rests in the palm of my hand. I have to pull a credit card and remember the numbers, the expiration date and address associated with the card. I hat that step.

I would prefer that the technology that already exists for use through the Internet - a retinal eye scan - simply scan my eyeballs to prove it’s me. I get my latest computer software or gadget. And best of all I never have to worry about someone stealing the use of my credit card. Heck, I no longer have to carry the plastic around with me either.

Are we there yet? No. But it’s just around the corner. As David Rockefeller recently said, “We are just one crisis away from the world accepting a one world rule.” And he is of course one of the owners of the Federal Reserve.

Most people do not want to read or hear what is occurring in the global economy but as Christians we have the distinct advantage of both the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures. The scriptures John penned in Revelations tell us what is going to happen. And common sense tells us that a one-world government will control buying and selling. To do so, requires a one-world economy. To achieve “one-world” status, the economy will not grow into one economy, it must collapse into one.

So how should a Christian invest, knowing all this? Gold? Silver? Precious metals such as copper? Yes. But Christians should also be investing time and money into plans to survive a global meltdown of the world’s economy. Christians need to invest in rural properties because if the US Government shuts down, we will have 5th and 6th generation peoples who know no other survival than government paychecks who will awaken to find no food, no water, no electricity and no promise thereof. A place to live while the banks retool will be a real safe haven. Canned foods and water and seeds to grow food. Learn how to grow your own tomatoes and things such as that. Sound crazy? Nationally renown evangelists such as Perry Stone are telling Christians the same things. Prepare to survive.

On the Gulf Coast we have hurricane preparedness kits. We know what to do when a bad hurricane leaves us without electricity, food, water and ice for a week to two weeks. So we prepare.

I believe it is this type of global meltdown that will cause people to turn to Christ. I was at the largest church in America – Lakewood Church - the Sunday after 9/11/2001. People were literally running into the church screaming and crying, “I need to be saved… I’ve never been in a church before… I need Jesus… I want to get my life right… I’ve never read the bible before…”

So churches need to get prepared. It took only a couple months for those same people to go right back to the lifestyle and choices they had been making prior to 9/11.

And that reaction was from a couple of buildings falling down. What will be the reaction of the world as the economy begins to totally collapse? What will be the reaction as the things so many have come to place their faith in other than Jesus Christ – 401K’s, Government welfare, jobs, etc. – are suddenly lost?

They will run into the churches. We have already had our glimpse of the future. Get ready, because it’s anything but bad news. The revival that’s needed in America will not come from more prosperity. So invest accordingly. Prepare accordingly.

You are a Christian. You have a huge advantage on seeing around the next corner.

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