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By Jean Grantham on August 01, 2009 0 Comments

Locusts always keep their rank; they do not crowd upon each other, so as to throw their columns into confusion. The facts in natural history show how thoroughly the Lord has infused order into His universe.

I believe there is a “call to order” influence gravitating throughout the body of Christ. The “call” is to get our attention and to set in motion obedience to our entire, personal being. One of those messages is to bring order to one’s life through having Hope in regard to our body in health and weight control.

For the most part, the “order” of church and church rhetoric has concentrated mostly on spiritual values. Let me emphasize this. Certainly if the spirit man is not in fellowship with his Creator, nothing else can be settled.

That being said and understood, we must give attention to the fact that “love and affection only” in the message must not smother honesty regarding our need for health and weight control. Lack of control in any area is a spiritual problem as well.

Even though 60% of the United States is overweight and 33 billion dollars are spent per year on diet products, we are still in need of answers.

In spite of this, too many times the seriousness of lack of control and obesity has given way to a joking matter throughout our culture. What is more sad is to realize that the “all in fun, lighten up, fat jokes” have made their way across our pulpits.

When you consider the pain, loneliness, and guilt-ridden saints sitting in the pews, it is to be taken seriously. While listening to a message of how to be free in their spirits, they remain bound in their minds and bodies. (I know it is not everywhere.)

But there is HOPE. The good news is: “Anytime you begin to stop the ‘out of control’ place you are in, you are doing right.”

What you already know:
1. Less Food Intake
2. More Activity
3. Accountability

But how do you institute these basic steps into your life?

It requires “truth in all the inward parts.” Psalms 51:6
1.Your perception of Truth
2.Your interest in more Truth
3.Your giving up of your own mindset
4.Your committal to be controlled by “real truth”

HOPE is “desire with commitment.” Hope is based upon “Hope, Habits, Others, Plans, and Exercise.”

Once your mind is stretched by a new idea and thought process, it will never return to its original size. You will always be going forward toward your goals.

God is calling the body of Christ to health and self-control. I believe the church is positioned to be the forerunner in success of our spirits, souls, and bodies.

It is my heart and passion to be a small part in helping others to live a life in better health, energy, self-control, and free of guilt.

“Unless we allow God to walk into the darkness of our life, the Light will never come.”

“And hope does not disappoint us …” Romans 5:5

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