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Hell’s Secret Strategy

By Frankie Mazzapica on October 12, 2009 0 Comments

If Hell can’t keep you out of Heaven, then the demonic forces will do all they can to make sure you don’t take anyone with you.

Hell’s primary goal is to do whatever it can to “kill, steal & destroy “ our lives and do all it can to make our residence in Hell.

Peter was a disciple of Christ. He was passionate about the Lord and Hell knew it. Because stealing Peter’s soul was out of reach, Hell sought out to distract him from his God given assignment. For a short while, the demonic forces were succeeding.

Peter was preaching out of two corners of his mouth trying to please everyone. Peter was trying to be all things to all men. He made a practice of eating with the Gentile believers from the church at Antioch. But when messengers from James arrived, Peter made the decision to withdraw from fellowship with Gentiles because he did not want to offend the Jews to whom he was commissioned to minister. This type of inconsistency causes a disconnect between doctrine and practice. When the Apostle Paul saw this inconsistency in Peter's actions, he confronted Peter face-to-face in public. Even though his motives may have been admirable, Peter was wrong to withdraw from Gentile fellowship (Gal. 2).

I’d like to encourage all who read these words to be careful about what arrests your attention. Too many hours of our day and weeks of our month are filled with situations and conversations that are sent simply to distract us of the assignment on our life.

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