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For extended mental health, reach for the unfamilure

By Jerry Edmon on August 11, 2010 0 Comments

Continually develop hobbies and interest with which you are unskilled or unfamiliar. Studies are proving that mental exercise and intellectual activity stimulate the mind and cause the neurons in your brain to branch by building new circuitry for the function of the brain. This is especially important if your brain suffers damage such as a stroke or Alzheimer’s disease. It develops surplus brain tissue that actually compensates for damaged tissue by creating new routes to get around the roadblock or damaged area and resume the function of that area. For instance, your chances of recovery from a stroke would largely depend on the brain’s ability to redesign its self and grow new routes of communication. Becoming active in areas that are unfamiliar to you does this. We must interest ourselves in areas that we have no aptitude. If something challenges your brain, it serves as a stimulus for the neurons to carry new messages around the roadblock or damaged area. It does away with the two-lane highway and creates a much broader road system with a complex network of roads that are not stopped or hindered by one roadblock. Interact with intelligent people. Take up activities that make you think. Turn off the television because you do not think when it is on. It thinks for you. Your brain is a wonderful tool and has the ability to overcome great obstacles if you will train it to do so. Life is not a spectator sport. It is, as they say, “no pain, no gain.” Try the game “Jeopardy,” or do crossword puzzles. Place a demand on your brain. You will find inner resources that will astound you and cause you to walk in health.

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