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Empty the Suitcase

By Jerry Edmon on September 09, 2009 0 Comments

An empty suitcase isn't that difficult to carry. However, if you over pack it could be a struggle to lug around. I assure you heavy suitcases can be a royal pain in the backside. I have the privilege of raising three daughters, all of which are happy for me to load up their luggage any time we take a trip. When I am along, they pack EVERYTHING they might ever need, but when they are going to have to carry their own stuff….they pack much lighter. When you are the one carrying the baggage you need to pay more attention to what you put in the bag.

Our hearts act as a type of suitcase and if we are not careful, sin, the issues of life, worry, grief, bitterness towards people, fear, so many things, just weigh us down to the point where we feel we cannot go on. Every day can become drudgery and weariness of spirit can put you in the depth of depression and despair.

Hebrews 12:1 tells us we have a race to run. Our race is not a 100 meter sprint, it is a marathon. Can you imagine running a long distance race carrying a heavy suitcase? Your chances of finishing the race, let alone winning the race, would be slim. The same is true as we seek to run the race God has called all of us to run.

I encourage you to do as I have and millions of others have done. Open your suitcase (Your Heart) and get rid of everything that life has slipped in there. Remember, the enemy is sneaky and you will need to check it regularly to make sure he hasn't slipped some excess weight in there without you realizing it. If we want to faithfully finish our race we cannot be toting a heavy suitcase filled with Satan's junk.

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