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A Few Of My Thoughts About Abortion

By Jerry Edmon on September 27, 2009 0 Comments

Taken from the book “Seeds of Life” 

The abortion movement used a masterstroke of deceit by turning the focus from the murder of a child to the inconvenience of the mother. They called it “choice”.

I marvel at how men are shocked and grieved at the tragic death of a three month old baby, when only eight months earlier, they defended the murder of the same child. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

The bottom line of abortion is political and financial profit, as well as the destruction of the family unit. The feminist movement has become the guardians of this crime against humanity.

Don’t you consider it barbaric to abort a perfectly healthy infant? It seems like the thoughts and actions of a primitive race of people who for one reason or another kill their children and think nothing of it.

This is an excerpt from my personal diary during one of my trips to the land of Israel.

“This was a very difficult day for me. We stopped at the holocaust museum. It was one of the most emotional days that I can remember. I was overwhelmed with sadness as I came face to face with the coldness of the Holocaust.

The concentration camps were not just places to put people to death. They were industries of death. They were devising new ways to see how someone dies. With total disregard for life they experimented on children, men, pregnant women, young and old, just to see how fast or slow they could die under different situations.

Among the six million people who were slaughtered, one million, five hundred thousand were children. I wept. In light of that, I see Hitler as he really was, a truly depraved man. He was a man who committed high treason against humanity. I do not have the vocabulary to express my anger and contempt about what happened to these poor people.

As I thought of this, my mind went to all of the abortions that take place each year. In both cases, there was no sense of regard for life. Life was not precious to them. I am amazed to hear people argue over when life begins, not for the sake of science, but rather for the sake of elimination and convenience.

I would say that the Holocaust is more severe in the sense that each of the people who were slaughtered already had a name and identity. But when it is all considered, I believe that the Nazi’s and the abortionist are alike in that they have no regard for life. I saw pictures taken by Nazi photographers who would have the soldier’s shoot at close range women and children simply to photograph their expression at the moment of death. Their doctors would inject a bubble of air into a pregnant woman to see if she or the child would be affected first and which one would die first.

I could not continue through the entire museum tour. I feel sick…I am so angry.”

On the issue of abortion, the mother is also victimized by the political system in which she trusts in. She seldom has the comprehension of the long-term, mental and emotional consequences of her actions, and the government chooses to ignore their responsibility by guarding her ignorance.

When does life begin? At conception the spark of life began its development. Life is the engine that empowers the fetus to continue its development and run its course until death.

Almost all decisions for abortion are expressions of selfishness. It is the termination of another life because it inconveniences you.

Isn’t it ironic that most of the liberal environmentalists would shut down the progress of society because of an endangered toad, and at the same time embrace abortion? Save a tree, kill a child. It just shows how out of balance the thinking of people can become.

I heard an abortionist refer to it as “the birth of a baby or the termination of the pregnancy”. Isn’t it interesting that they can’t say it? They can’t say, “The death of a baby”.

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