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A Christian For The Mark Of The Beast

By Tim Dillard on February 16, 2011 2 Comments

Right now... We pay China over a trillion dollars a year. I suppose a politically incorrectly named Mr. Chang shows up and says, "Time to pay..." Mr. Geitner, the US Treasury Secretary says, "No problem..." He punches a button under his desk and a sign flashes in a back room... "PRINT ANOTHER TRILLION"... He gives the money to Mr. Chang who returns to China. This is only made possible by the fact that the US dollar is base currency for the world. So, this past year, China, Russia, England and rumored other nations got together and decided to go off the US dollar as base currency. They are still arguing whether or not it will be the Euro, the Yuan or some new monetary unit. Meanwhile, the Political left and right in USA have it in their mutual interest to now do whatever possible to stimulate the economy through elections in the fall of 2012. When those elections end, one party will be out of power. It will then move to undermine the party in power, which will be nothing more than the alignment with a shift from the US dollar as base currency. That will literally take a phone call from the leader of the party out of power in the USA to the head of the Central Bank in either China or England. Deed done.

Once that happens, and it will happen with or without the willing cohorts in the US political party voted out of power in 2012, the payments to the Chinese will not be accepted in dollars. The USA, like many countries before it, will have to devalue its currency – there are no other options. Within a few days of devaluation, bread will go as high as $20 a loaf. Milk may reach $50 a gallon and so forth. Again, this is inevitable once the dollar is no longer the base currency and believe me, there is no longer a reason to keep the dollar as the base currency... because we have become a debtor nation, which has eroded the value of the dollar vis a vis all other currencies. The dollar is literally not worth the paper it’s printed on once the Chinese say, “Sorry, you’ll have to pay us in gold…”

Meanwhile, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros and the other globalists are the ones funding the uprisings in the Middle-East, as they will shift those countries to democracies, which, they've discovered are much easier to control than dictatorships. As Benjamin Franklin said of democracy, "its two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner..." The intention of the Constitution was to create a Constitutional Republic, which is at the heart of what made America great. Globalists are becoming bolder and more public all the time. To see how far reaching the plan of the Globalists (aka progressives) is, there is an incredible video interview of Hollywood producer and Broadway producer, Aaron Russo. He made this in 2007 knowing that he had terminal cancer and has since passed away...

You will see truth in his eyes and hear truth in his voice.

The Globalists' reach is so powerful (see Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations and Tri Lateral Commission) that the hand-picked successor to Mubarak in Egypt is one of their own, "Mohamed ElBaradei." You see, democracies are much easier to control the populace through than dictatorships because they placate the masses with the illusion of freedom, rooted in the power of a vote. Please note that for 50 years in the USA, no matter who was in power, the society marched in a singular, Godless, socialistic direction and now, sits on the verge of complete atheistic socialism, simply masked in the freedom to vote.

And yet, we are believers. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is exactly who He said He was... the one true Son of God. And John, who loved Jesus so much, went to an island called Patmos and wrote something called Revelation some 2000 years ago. In Revelation 4 and 5, John was either totally insane or he was in the literal throne room of the Creator of the Universe. Read it out loud to get the full effect of what he saw. Furthermore, the most famous "prophecy" ever logged comes from John in Revelation 13 regarding the mark of the beast which "would be on the forehead and in the palm of the hand and without it no one could buy or sell anything." It’s the one prophecy in the Bible that every atheist knows about due to its inclusion in popular culture via numerous movie scripts.

Think about it. The “mark of the beast” was totally insane at the time. It was insane through 1990, i.e., inconceivable, nearly two thousand years later. And now, in 2011, I buy most of what I buy online... with a click of a mouse... in the palm of my hand. I hate credit cards. They do not as yet have approval for a retinal eye scan through the Internet, but I'm all for not having to keep a credit card handy. Just let me lean forward, get a scan of my retina then have my bank accounts pop up. I mouse over and click the account I want the money to come from. The same technology is set to work at every store including your local grocer. Totally secure. Much easier to ease. And being Christian or not being Christian would have nothing to do with it. The scan lines show up on my forehead and the click occurs from the mouse in the palm of my hand. No more credit card fraud. No more interest rates on credit cards. All debits and credits. And who would be against that?

The globalists have stated what their goal is: One world government. The key for control is not political power, it’s financial control. As Baron Rotschild said in the 1800’s, “Give me control of the currency and I care not who is in power.” John saw it the same way. It’s the power over buying and selling that is the true power on earth. Didn’t Jesus say as much, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

So now we sit on the threshold of the one world government. Globalists love control. At their heart, and you can YouTube an interview with the likes of multi billionaire Ted Turner where he states “scientifically” that the earth is not made for more than 500 million people. He just happens to be the largest private landowner in America. At the heart of his and the other globalists’ perspective is their fear that too many people may interrupt their lifestyle if there is not enough food or water produced. So, they use things like Global Warming and other manufactured crises to gain political control over commerce and hence whole populations.

This is no different than what Communist Russia did in a number of ways. The people who would resist a one world government now have no means of resistance other than faith in God, which ironically is the one thing Soviet Russia feared the most during the 100 years of communist reign there. A reign that saw them murder more than 50 million Russians – fellow countrymen – without so much as a stone being thrown at them by the “free world.” The people with the desire to control the world now have the means. And they too fear true faith more than anything else. That’s why every mention of Creationism and God the Father is met with literally a blitzkrieg of anger and threats of violence not to mention the big brother of both – censorship. Try it. Go to Yahoo Answers and post a question about how stupid evolution is. The answers you get will shock you.

Religion –Christian religion –that espouses a loving God, a faith that has true power to change things and a salvation beyond the grave is the only true threat to the globalist agenda that is unfolding in the streets of Tunisa, Egypt, Spain, Greece and more to come. Why? Because it imbues its believers with true hope that no matter what is happening in the world, God is still in control. It has at its heart the belief that government is not the source, God is. It takes the dependency on the Billionaires and their stooge governments and nullifies it in the name of a God who can feed thousands with a few loaves of bread and fish. It’s a faith that refuses to succumb to the mediated reality of crisis upon crisis existence. It’s a faith that recognizes the rebranding of “Global Warming” to “Global Climate Change” as the desire to create laws to control commerce. It’s the faith that sees the concept of “Climate Change” as something God created, “Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring.” It’s the faith that sees government as the problem, not the answer.

Is your mind spinning? Are you wondering what’s real? What’s going to happen? John told you what was going to happen. The globalists are real. Their stated goals are real. Ironically, their goals are exactly what John saw 2000 years ago and they are just a disaster away from the world begging for someone to save them. And since the majority of the world does not know the one true God, they will scream for a man to save them.

We sit at a global, singular intersection. It is the three-way intersection of the most famous biblical prophecy with the Globalist Agenda for implementation of a one-world government and the technology to make it happen.

The globalists have stated that it will take about six months to shift the world from its current economic basis to one that will supposedly be based on debits and credits. That means something has to happen to close the world’s banking system for 6 months. Understand that the “crisis of 2008”which happened under conservative Republican George W. Bush’s watch involved trillions of dollars disappearing from the U.S. Treasury. And no one, not the current president, the Congress or anyone in the judiciary knows how much money was removed, where it went or how it was spent.

Ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answers. Who was so powerful that they could create a crisis, take trillions of dollars from the US Treasury, and not have to account for any of it? The Federal Reserve, of course. The Federal Reserve, a private bank owned by… you guessed it, the globalists, Rockefeller, Rothschild and all the other families, who coincidentally have always owned the Central Banks in the USA, England and many other countries. None of which have ever been audited and all of which serve as the central repository for each nation’s taxes.

It’s as plain as the proverbial nose on your face. This doesn’t take fear or pessimism or prophetic gifting. What was prophesied by John 2000 years ago is at last occurring in real time and the people who are pulling the triggers are dead set on a one world government, whose chief characteristic is a universal monetary unit which they alone will control.

And unlike the Great Depression, where the majority of the population understood farming and lived in the north due to the absence of air conditioning, the coming crisis needed to close down the world’s banking systems will also shut down governments, especially the US government. It’s “trial run” was the “mortgage crisis” of 2008. The globalists saw what they could do to sack the US Treasury with the threat of financial collapse. Now there is one more “crisis” that is awaiting the final trigger. And when that happens, there will be literally millions of people hooked on drugs who take government paychecks in order to survive and have done so for 4 generations that will go to the mailbox and there will be no government subsidy check. There will be no answer on the phone either. What will the 10 million people in the USA do who have no money, no food and no drugs?

Hungry people who have never worked who have no money and no drugs are not going to sit idly by.

Gerald Celente who is a trend forecaster has predicted all of this, not on prophetic utterances but through the careful study of societal trends and their overlay of historical occurrences carrying the same characteristics. It’s coming. It’s a prophecy of John. It’s the direction of the trend seen by Gerald Celente. It is the desired goal of the globalists who see the only way to truly help the world is to make sure they have all power.

And yes, it’s going to happen following the November 2012 elections, no matter who wins or loses in the United States.

Why? Because we have turned our backs as a nation on God and we’ve made man our source. We have yet to step into true revival as we briefly sampled the Sunday after 9/11 when a generation brought up on consumerism and prosperity had it’s world totally shaken apart, simply because two buildings fell to the ground.

And to atheists, this is pure insanity.

To Christians, it’s a wake up call.

There isn’t much time left, no matter what you believe.

You’d best awaken.

Wake up America.

It’s later than you think.

Revival is the answer

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Tim. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. I will be passing your article along to my friends. Blessings.

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